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Community Council

Community Council

Fort Clark Springs Community Council is a club within Fort Clark Springs Association.  All members of Fort Clark Springs Association are also members of the Fort Clark Springs Community Council.  We meet monthly from September through June at 10 am in Shafter Hall.  Meetings last about one hour.  We would love to hear your ideas and concerns as we all work together to make Fort Clark Springs a wonderful place to live.  We are a 501c(3) organization and give charitable donations to local organizations and scholarships to the high school.


Our most important event each year is Fort Clark Days.  It is a two day fun event for children and adults occurring on the first Friday & Saturday in March. Friday is dedicated to school children.  We invite Living Historians with camels and cannons, Arts and Crafts Vendors, Food Vendors, and entertainers.  Profits are given to repair our historical buildings.

Article II of our Constitution defines the following 7 purposes for our group:

  1. to give members an opportunity to express their views on Fort Clark Springs issues.

  2. to provide counsel and assistance to the various governing bodies of Fort Clark Springs Association.

  3. to assist and develop various projects for the enhancement of Fort Clark Springs and the community.

  4. the Fort Clark Springs Community Council is a non-profit organization.

  5. to assist in the education of youth and the general public in the history of Southwest Texas.

  6. to preserve, protect and promote the historical resources of the Fort Clark Historic District for its citizens, the visiting public and future generations.

  7. to raise money to help achieve the goals and missions mentioned in (5) and (6)


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