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Art Studio

Fort Clark Art Club & Studio

The Fort Clark Art Club began in 1979 through the volunteer efforts of members of that time.  In 1981 they saw the potential of a space formerly living quarters for soldiers assigned to motorpool duty during the Fort's military days 30 years prior which had become abandoned storage. After an overhaul consisting of cleaning, electrical rewiring, plumbing, and A/C installation it is now the approximately 2000 sq ft. loft-like studio available to members today.


The studio has amazing natural light, offers plenty of work space as well as a reading and research lounge, and is lined with inspiring, award winning artwork created by local member artists.


Whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist, you may enjoy participating in one of the workshops offered by the FCS Art Club.


If you are a collector, an art appreciator, or are searching for a gift or treasure to take home with you at the end of the winter season. You will find over 100 pieces available for sale and will very likely meet the member artist.


The Fort Clark Springs Art Club provides sponsorship to many local organizations such as the Kinney County Junior Livestock Auction. Every year, the club hosts an Arts and Crafts show here at Fort Clark Springs.

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